Belgium: Holiday Ideas

Belgium encompasses all the best that Europe has to offer. Belgium is the center of the European Union and has a rich, fascinating culture. Well-known for its beer and chocolate, it also has lots of fashionable restaurants, cafés and bars as well as cathedrals, castles and modern art.

Reasons to Visit :
Venice of the North : Bruges tour brings to the most beautiful places, taking in numerous monuments, churches and historical buildings without forgetting the beautiful canals of this city
Brussels, a city for all ages : Brussels will delight young and older visitors alike, and so is a dream destination for families! Its advantages are its diversity, the richness of its history and its activities.
Explore Belgium at your own pace : Discover small villages of Belgium that scatter the countryside through Cycling at your own pace.
Enjoy the major sites of Antwerp : Enjoy the major sites of Antwerp with old Market Square and Cathedral containing two Rubens masterpieces.
Shopping : For enjoy the best bargain hunts, here are some tips for antiques and flea markets in Belgium. You will always find that there is plenty of stuff, whether you are looking or buying and at an amazingly good value.

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