Italy :

A treasure house of historical architectures with ruins of Ancient Rome,For the art lovers this country holds some of the grandest treasures of the Renaissance Era. For those interested in culinary delights, Italy is the home of Pizza and Pasta, Gel ato and Chianti. Adventurers who visit Italy can find some of the best hiking and skiing on the Slopes of the Alps. Besides all the natural and artistic wonders available on display in this country, one of the main reasons to visit Italy is the peopl e themselves. Warm and welcoming, they will ensure that this will not be your only trip to Italy.

Reasons to Visit :

Murano Glass Factory : Sail to Murano to see how the beautiful coloured glass is made, then on to the pretty islands of Burano and Torcello.
Discover Italy on Foot : A walking tour to discover the most interesting corners of Italy and to appreciate the artistic expression of this charming country
Pizza Making : Bake your own Italian Pizza. A unique opportunity to see the sights of Rome and enjoy an authentic Italian pizza making experience.
Watch the magic unfold with the silver and blue hues of water : Visit the Blue Grotto, a miracle of equilibrium between water, light and reflections of the wonderful sea-floors
  Gondola Ride : Enjoy a trip on the most romantic boat in the world,the gondola.An unforgettable Venetian experience.  
  Cruise Holidays : Take a Ocean Cruises to Mediterranean Sea and enjoy your holidays on a floating resort.