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Journey to Araku and Borra caves by Train

Journey to Araku and Borra caves by Train

Attractions we can cover around Araku

  • Araku Valley Village
  • Tribal Museum (in Araku)
  • Padmapuram Botanical Gardens (in Araku)
  • Coffee Museum (in Araku)
  • Chaparai Waterfalls – (Araku-Paderu road)
  • Galikonda View point – (Araku- Ananthagiri Road)
  • Thatiguda Waterfalls – Ananthagiri
  • Coffee Plantations – (Ananthagiri or Paderu)
  • Borra Caves (Must visit Destination)
  • Katika Waterfalls – 4 km. from Borra Caves and  need to trek for 2 km. to reach this waterfalls.
  • Madagada Village – Significant place for village pottery
  • Chompi village – Village is famous for Lac product manufacturing
  • Mushiriguda Village – The village is famous for preparation of Bamboo products
  • Sri Modamamba Temple -famous temple for Native Tribes
  • TYDA- Eco tourism project (best for Bird watching,Rock climbing, Trekking and Night stay).
  • Shimiliguda Railaway station – India’s highest broad gauge line above 996 mtrs.
View from Train

          Vistas of Eastern Ghats from Train

Accomodation Facilities
Government of Andhra Pradesh tourism is providing excellent accommodation facilities at various points in Araku region for reasonable prices.
  • Haritha Hill Resort  – Araku
  • Haritha Valley Resort – Araku
  • Haritha Hill Resorts – Ananthagiri
  • Haritha Jungle Bells – TYDA
We can get best services form above resorts, with some evening cultural arrangements like Traditional Dhimsa dance with Campfire.
And also Several Luxurious Private hotels, Economy Lodges and Dormitory are also available.

Best Time to Visit Araku
November, December and January are main peak season, you should book the hotel accommodation in advance, otherwise you may not get proper accommodation.


Visakha Utsav (happens every year in the month of December for 3 days.
Araku Balloon festival happens in the month of Jan in Araku
Bamboo Chicken (Extensively available at all the places in Araku), most famous, healthy, delicious and traditional food you should taste here.
Araku Coffee – taste the coffee and purchase to your home
Local arts and crafts made with bamboo or with other traditional things.
Accessibility to Araku

There are three best ways to Reach this beautiful destination, because traveling to Araku itself is thrilling activity.

  1. Visakhapatnam to Araku by Train (Passing through 50 tunnels, Which i am explaining now).
  2. Visakhapatnam to Araku by road
  3. Rajuhmundry to Araku by Road (This will be the  most scenic journey by crossing some beautiful Remote villages of Eastern Ghats like Rampachodavaram, Rajavommangi, Lambasingi (Andhra’s most coolest place), Chintapalli and Paderu). Govt. has given NH status to this road namely 516-E.
Description of my visit to Araku
Araku is most beautiful hill station nestled on the hills of Eastern ghats on 3000ft. above the sea level, this is one of the highest altitude places of Eastern ghats. this place offers you a spectacular views of mountains with lush green with clouds passing on it. journey to Araku on Train will be the memorable part.
firstly, I started in Visakhapatnam Railway station @ 06:00 early morning for VSKP – Kirandul Passenger train, sat at window seat in chair car coach, along with the group of tourists either side, who all are came from other states to watch the sceneries of beautiful Araku and historical Borra caves.

The train is moving towards eastern ghats, we are entering to agency areas, pristine hills that are covered by green carpet, and clouds are walking on that carpet, passing through magical more than 45 tunnels, Rice paddy on the hills, a 125 km. of journey that will offers a cornucopia of experience.Finally i have reached Araku at 11:00 am., in this train journey we can also have a look at “Shimiliguda Station” India’s highest broad gauge railway track located 997 mt. above the sea level.

After disembarkation from train in Araku, firstly I feel the natural odor of this place, really the smell in this area is purely natural and rich in fragrance. I directly proceed to the Valley from railway station.(NOTE: Proceed to local sightseeing after check in to hotel would be preferable, instead of directly proceed from railway station).

Firstly, I have visited Araku tribal museum, it is  best garden maintained by ITDA(Integrated Tribal Development Authority, Paderu).  was started in 1996, this is perfect destination for understanding the local tribal culture. and perfect destination for all generations because, everyone can understand the how the things in past times. One gallery house namely “Tribal Village” is purely dedicated to showcase the tribal life style, it is awesome, a two storied(inside) beautiful hamlet, inside they created wax statues depicts same like as tribes and their past life and culture. I really like that gallery, a lot of introspection happened inside my mind, i have recalled my childhood days.we can also purchase some locally made products here, there are various local sellers set up their shops in side this park.
Later I  proceed to another important destination in Araku is “padmapuram Botanical Garden”.A beautiful garden filled with variety of flower species and trees, we can spend at least 30 min here. A toy train ride inside the garden is so joyful..
Padmapuram Gardens

                      Padmapuram Gardens

In the late evening, i visit the famous “Araku Coffee Museum” one can taste and  purchase famous Araku Coffee here. Also, we can understand and learn the history of Coffee, in India Eastern Ghats are the first place to start the Coffee plantations.

Next day morning @07:30 am. Departed from Araku valley to Borra caves from bus station. Historical Borra caves are situated at Ananthagiri hill range, en-route I visited famous “Galikoonda View Point” which is 16 km. away from Araku, we get a Vista of Eastern ghats from this view point( visiting at early hours 06:00 to 07:00 am is best to get sun rise view).

later I proceeded to Borra caves junction via. Ananthagiri mandal, it is also a scenic journey finally I reached Borra caves Junction village, from here the caves are just 3 km. we have to hire auto rickshaw  here.we can hire auto for both Katiki waterfall and Borra caves. Katiki waterfall is not accessible for vehicles, we have to trek for at least 2 km. to reach this falls, Borra caves is best accessible for vehicles.I visited only Borra caves, it was pleasant and amazing experience, River “Gosthani” Originates from here, this caves were formed a million years ago through a chemical reaction of water and stone, one of India’s deepest caves, tourists from across world flock here to watch this wonder. especially for students it is most important place, to get some practical exposure.

Entrance to the caves is gorgeous and inside natural lime stone structures are stunning, unknown photographer will come out from your soul. you will definitely decide here to visit once again to this destination with your dear ones. Almost I spent 2:00 hrs inside the caves through observing those stalagmite formations, inside illumination is good.There are photographers available deep inside the caves, we can take group photos for our memory.

I have seen many group of students across the country are flocked here, along with their teachers, came for knowledge trips, expressions of the students is simply wow. Even though you are not a mischievous person, but you will become mischievous here, by creating some sounds inside the caves.
Some areas inside the caves are horrible, but it gives a good experience to you, inside there is Lord shiva temple.

outside the caves, there is a nice view of River and Eastern Ghats. Finally @12:00 pm I reached Borra Railway station which is just 1 km. from Caves.
You can have best lunch here at Borra Caves in APTDC’s Haritha Restaurant, you can travel back Visakhapatnam or can proceed to Ananthagiri or TYDA for further extension of your trip.

Borra Caves Inside

              Borra Caves Inside


River Gosthani Originates at Borra Caves

        River Gosthani Originates at Borra Caves

Timings and Entry Tickets
Tribal Museum                                  – Rs. 40/- per adult 09:00 am. to 07:00 pm.

Padampuram Botanical Gardens  – Rs. 30/- per Adult 08:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Coffee Museum –                               – Rs 10/- per Adult 10 am to 05:00 pm.

Borra Caves                                        –  Rs 60/- per Adult and Rs 45/-(Child 5-12 years)

Mobile Phone with Camera Rs 25/-
Digital Camera Rs 100/-
Video   Camera Rs 100/-

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